Do you know how many times your solo battery has been charged ?
What are the cell values of each cell? Is the battery healthy enough to fly with ?
Solotool is a diagnostic tool for reading the 3DR Solo´s smart battery.
The information is presented like batterylife, capacity, cell voltages, cycles,
cell voltage difference, battery serial and manufacture date may be very useful for everyone..
Most important information is the: Batterlylife information.

Solotool is MUST for all 3DR solo owners.

Solotool are officially approved and recommended by 3DR´s team.
Solotool Diagnostic Tool v2
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Solotool charging adapter
So you can use regular chargers on the solo battery.
The solo BMS will do the rest.
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Below is the information that is presented on screen :

Solotool v2.1 Splash screen

Batterylife in %
Most important information provided from battery

Juice left in %
Cycles: how many times have this pack been used.

Actual voltage and mAh 

Cell voltages for cell #1 #2 #3 #4

Design cap - is what the pack was designed to be
Full cap - Full capacity is shows the actual capacity.
Healthstate - Health is 18 for all good packs
Internal temperature.

Battery serial no
Manufacturing date in Y-M-D format.
Manufacturing name.

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